About MNP

Monday Night Practice is run by a crew of volunteers.

Mike Jonas
Mike started MNP way back in 1999 with his partner in crime, Mike Smith. He continues to coordinate things with the friendly folks at First Church in Cambridge.  He’s also our resident sound system technician.  If you like dry humor, you will love Mike.  If you don’t like dry humor, you will like him anyway.  ‘Cause that’s how he is.

Katie Piselli
Katie helps organizes the nightly dances. She creates flashy Facebook posts and makes sure everyone is informed on what’s happening on Monday nights. She also spreads the love of dancing through her teaching, either with NewSchoolSwing or with her husband at KatieAndPaolo.net. She’s a joy to watch dancing as she exudes the original style and flavor of lindy hop. Please ask her to dance.

Richard Sohn
Richard has been helping MNP for as long as most of us can remember. He started helping Mike Smith with setup and lessons and has stuck around and is always there to lend a hand, help set up and relieve the door person if the need arises. He’s a tremendous resource and we’re lucky to have him! He’s friendly and a good dancer so please ask him to dance.

Ted Simpson
Ted has been a stalwart of the lindy hope scene in Boston for many years, having organized the nightly DJ’s at the MIT dance on Wednesday nights. He will be helping us find new DJ talents that both MNP and MIT can benefit from. If you have an interest in DJ’ing at either dance, please reach out to him. He can be found weekly at MIT.

Ben Loper
Ben has been dancing at MNP for over a decade.  Like Clark Kent and Peter Parker, he’s a mild-mannered fellow by day, but by night he is a superhero of the dance floor.  If you like friendly, relaxed people, you will love Ben.  If you don’t like friendly, relaxed people, please don’t come to our dance.